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InterNetX Corp. – The Registry for .LTDA and .SRL

InterNetX Corp. – the registry for .LTDA and .SRL – is a company registered in Miami, Florida, USA, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of InterNetX GmbH (based in Germany).

The InterNetX GmbH is one of the largest registrars worldwide. Its portfolio encompasses more than 300 ccTLDs and all gTLDs. The company has been active in the domain business since 1998 and is operating subsidiaries in the US, Canada and Brazil. InterNetX is a DENIC member and part of the United Internet AG.

Our Team

Director Registry Operations

Karin Simka

Anke Bürger
Team Europe

Jeanette Heller
Team Europe

Our motivation

We've been tracking the great changes the domain industry has been experiencing in the past couple of years with great interest and recognized the huge opportunities which come with the introduction of up to 1,300 new gTLDs. New gTLDs illustrate the trend to generalize on one hand (e.g. .WEB, .HOST) and to specialize on the other hand (e.g. .LTDA, .BAYERN). We want to play a key role in shaping this process and help benefit all Internet users.

In the face of the rapid development of the Internet – including all its challenges – it will become even more important to present yourself as a reliable business in the future. Clear domain extensions, such as .LTDA and .SRL, which can only be registered by companies recorded at the relevant authorities, will help to achieve these goals.

With the corporate identifiers .LTDA and .SRL we want to create an opportunity especially for companies in Latin America as well as in Italy and Romania who want to expand in their own countries and beyond. By using .LTDA or .SRL eligible companies can present themselves as a reliable business partner around the globe and offer their services and products across borders. Operating with perfectly matching Internet addresses under the highly trustworthy domain extensions .LTDA or .SRL will help them to appear as a serious and cosmopolitan enterprise which is fit to face the challenges of a connected world.